You ask i answer

My ugly mug, your welcome.

Hey look! Mod just posted his ugly face lets point fingers at him now!


My ugly mug, your welcome.

Hey look! Mod just posted his ugly face lets point fingers at him now!

My family is in a bit of a pickle.


We have no TV, No Phones (only cellphones) and no Internet until the 14th of next month. Because my dad had to pay for his Med’s which were really expensive and left him broke. We need to come up with $544 to bring back up our Internet. TV. and Phone line.

If you guys can help out I would really appreciate it

If you want to donate here is a link to my Doctor Allons-y tumblr which has my donation button.


" Some Questions would be nice becuase ive just woke up" -Shadow drop

Just a little signal boost here.


what if one day for 24 hours everyone with a tumblr turned into whatever their url is 








Slender pony is real and now is cannon


most likely photoshopped

Nope. I just looked back at the episode. It’s fuckin real.


what if its just a animation error 

i mean these episodes were made at least back in 2011

and aired in 2013 or they can be even pushed back more since the animation took a lot of work to do

You think it’s animation error when it have the suit, tie, the shirt, and the white head

Could be one of the scary things that followed them from that cave? Be cool if they turned it into a fan new game for season 4. Find the Slender pony.

Look mom! i made it to the big screen!  (seriosly its legit its like a split second but HE IS THERE)

$2 Doodles~


Anybody want some quick doodle for 2 bucks? c:

Here’s some examples of what ya could get.




Hey Everyone


Information about Hisa’s, Sin’s, and my situation under the cut, if you do not wish to read this all you can skip down to the bottom.

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i really need some money because i have like £4.95 and i need some moeny for like the rest of the mouth to live and stuff and if you order now you get a free short story for said oc for free


you tell me what you want and then i will draw then you pay when im finished the money goes here

previews of my art

weak colour ($0.50 - $ 1.00)

colour but no lighting ( $1.00 - $5.00)

Complex Image ( $5.00 -  $10.00)

where do i send my references for OC’s?

here my friend 

i need moeny badly so even if you reblog that whoud be great please share.


Okay, so I’ve applied to about 10 places in search for any work…but I haven’t gotten any of the jobs I need for college next year! If you want a commission, THEY ARE OPEN! And for cheap! You can donate, too, if you like. Donate to for paypal if you wish, or get a…


I never put a donation box on my blogs because I know there are others who need it more and hoped never one day to be in the position where I would have to ask for donations. I never even done commissions because for me drawing was something I did for fun and never thought I would have to do it to…